Flood & Excess Flood Insurance

The power of the ocean or a rising intracoastal waterway can be devastating. Whether it’s a few inches of rising water that makes its way into your home or storm surge that leads to a total loss, water has no boundaries.  Homes and condos east of the Intracoastal, along with properties located within 1,000 feet west of the Intracoastal, will generally have a stand-alone flood policy. Structures located more than 1,000 feet west of the Intracoastal may have the option to include flood coverage as part of the homeowner’s policy with select carriers at less cost and with higher coverage limits available. The standard FEMA stand-alone flood policy maximum available limits aren’t nearly enough along the coast so it is prudent to purchase an “Excess Flood” policy to provide additional coverage. People often say: “…my home got flooded when rain came in from a broken window…”  or  “…a pipe broke and flooded my kitchen”.  These are not flood losses. The residence simply became wet from rain entering or from a burst pipe.  Flood losses are a direct result of rising water from the ground.  Everyone is in a flood zone!  Some are in “preferred” zones while others are in “high hazard” zones. A majority of our clients obtain flood insurance, regardless of location in a preferred zone or high hazard zone.  Over 20% of flood losses occur in a preferred zone.  Think you don’t need coverage because you are in a preferred flood zone or because your lender doesn’t require it?  Think again, because properties can be in a split zone (two zones within one property) or the “high hazard” flood zone boundary line may be just a few feet or even a few hundred feet from your home. Water doesn’t stop at line drawn on a map.  

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