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We have numerous options for insuring condos and homes through financially strong carriers at competitive rates!  Start-up carriers, low-ball carriers or those teetering on financial difficulty are NOT presented as an option to our clients.  There’s always a carrier offering a cheaper option, but in Florida a carrier’s financial strength is a huge factor when deciding which insurance company to choose. We offer coverage for primary, secondary, seasonal, and rental (nightly, short & long term) occupancies.

Our personalized service will research several carriers to find the best option. Our carriers offer coverage features such as:

Home Replacement Value Inspection. In most cases, an inspector will visit your home on behalf of the carrier, after the policy is issued, performing an exterior review to note any special architectural details and features, determine a reconstruction value for the home and compare it against the policy dwelling limit shown on your policy.  If a discrepancy exists between the value shown on the issued policy and what the field inspector finds you will be advised of the more appropriate amount. Homes with a coverage limit over $500,000 will require an interior review/valuation.  A few carriers also inspect interiors of homes with a coverage limit under $500,000. 

Increased Replacement Cost. This coverage endorsement provides additional funds to rebuild should the cost to rebuild (due to increases in material costs, etc.) be more than the stated policy dwelling coverage limit. Typically this coverage is an amount equating to an additional 10% or 20% of the dwelling amount. 

Rebuilding to Code. When repairing or rebuilding you may be required to follow current, more stringent, building codes for electrical, roofing, plumbing or other construction features which may result in additional expense. As the home begins to age adding the “Ordinance & Law” endorsement will provide additional funds to cover overages at the time of rebuild as a result in building code changes.

Additional Living Expenses.  This endorsement can provide funds toward your temporary living expenses while your home is being rebuilt after a covered loss. This assists in helping to maintain your normal standard of living during repairs.

Valuable Items.  A homeowner’s policy inherent coverage often isn’t enough to replace your valuables if they are ever lost, stolen or damaged.  A specific endorsement to the policy (by specifically identifying each item) can provide appropriate coverage for jewelry, art, etc..

NOTE- The above mentioned coverages may or may not be included in your policy. Please refer to the policy for complete coverage and deductible information. This is only a limited highlight of certain available policy coverages and does not include all options related to dwelling replacement cost, water damage, jewelry, collectibles, computers, mold, animal liability, screen enclosures, etc..  Requests for changes to coverage or deductibles must be made in writing and acknowledged by our office.

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